We’re not taking this campaign for granted, we ask the same of our supporters.

We started canvassing in early May, we’re very encouraged and so pleased to hear of the continued support for Keith in Preston-Dartmouth. When I consider an alternative outcome, I am filled with an urgency to ensure Keith’s support turns out at the polls. We don’t consider any election to be a gimme. We’re canvassing hard, and Keith is knocking on as many doors as possible. We’ve happily installed many lawn signs and continue to deliver and install more everyday. We’re delivering our message to all the homes in the riding through Canada Post, and at the doors.

Keith has lived, and has been MLA for this area for a long time. He has a network of contacts throughout government to get things done. He knows who to call. He knows what action to take, and he, Maxine and Carole operate a machine of an office in the Constituency. Even in his duel Cabinet role, Keith is still very connected to the riding, and is here every Monday and Friday if he’s not promoting Nova Scotia Seafood or Agriculture exports in another time-zone.

One thing I’ve learned about Keith Colwell is he’s never the first one to push back his chair, or wind down a conversation, and spends as much time with a stakeholder as is needed. Quality time. When Keith canvasses a neighbourhood, he’s not watching the clock. It’s not a race to reach every door, but an effort to spend quality time with a family who is interested and engaged.

Keith takes his job very seriously, and often speaks of past conversations with his Federal brethren while both were in opposition, expounding on what they could achieve if they were both in office simultaneously. Well, since 2015 the Federal Liberals and the Provincial Liberals have acted quickly, and cooperation is winning the day. I see it everyday. Another majority Liberal Government in Nova Scotia is the absolute best thing that could happen in this election. The re-election of Keith Colwell in this riding of Preston-Dartmouth is the absolute best thing for our communities from Porters Lake to Lake Echo to East Preston to Lake Loon and Cherry Brook, to North Preston, Westphal and all the way to Caledonia Road in Dartmouth.

If you know Keith, you know what I am speaking about. If you’ve worked with Keith, you know what I am speaking about. If you’ve worked opposite Keith, you know what I am speaking about.

If you need to drive to the Advance Polls opening on Saturday, please call. If you need help to get to the voting booth on election day, please call. It is so important for our very immediate future, i.e. the next 4 years, that Keith’s supporters cast their vote. We’re not taking this campaign for granted, we ask the same of you.

Please vote in this election on, or by May 30th, and please make that vote count by voting Keith Colwell, Preston-Dartmouth.

Mark MacPhail
Campaign to Re-Elect Keith Colwell

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