Tomorrow is Election Day in Nova Scotia

The past month has flown by. Keith has steadily knocked on doors from Caledonia Road in Dartmouth to Myra Road in Porters Lake. The reception has been warm, and the support has been amazing, thank you for that.

Tomorrow, Nova Scotian’s decide on the direction we all take over the next four years. Ralph Surette, freelance journalist said it well when he wrote “No matter how hard you try to torque it otherwise, the keys to stability are financial discipline, restraint in public sector wage increases and avoiding expensive economic development schemes that backfire.” We have accomplished this, and this is where we need to be.

You can read the entire piece here.

In the last 29 days, we’ve worked hard to communicate our message to the voters of this diverse riding. If you’ve worked with Keith, you will know the value he delivers to the constituency and to Cabinet.

If you are yet undecided, please look through the content we’ve provided through our website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube sites. We’ve shared conversations with Keith, and his supporters. We’ve presented endorsements on Keith’s record, and presented the Liberal plan in fully costed platform, on the strength of our second consecutive balanced budget.

We ask for your support tomorrow. Please vote, and make that vote count by sending Keith back to the Nova Scotia Legislature.

The absolute best thing for the riding of Preston-Dartmouth is the re-election of Keith Colwell as our MLA.


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