Returning Office Opens in Preston-Dartmouth

You can already vote at any Returning Office in the Province.

The Preston-Dartmouth Returning Office opened on May 2nd at the former City Heights Church located at 946 Highway #7, in Westphal.

If you didn’t know, each of the 51 Returning Officers in the province, reside in their respective district, and each is appointed by Nova Scotia’s Chief Electoral Officer. They administer the electoral process in the district and are impartial and non-partisan.

The Returning Office is the heart of the election in any district and must conduct the election according to the standards of the Chief Electoral Officer and the Elections Act.

It’s out of the Returning Office that election staff are appointed and trained. They also keep the List of Electors for each polling division up to date and available, as well as revising it during and between elections.

During an election, the District Returning Office registers new voters who may have turned 18 since the last election, or new residents having been in the province for 6 months since the election call on Sunday, April 30th.

The Preston-Dartmouth Returning office is at 946 Main Street. The full address and phone number is below.

To find any other Returning Office in the province, enter your postal code or address in the Where Do I Vote? link below. It will take you to Web Application on Elections Nova Scotia’s website.

Where do I Vote?

In the offseason, as it were, the Returning Officers undertake projects as directed by the Chief Electoral Officer.

Preston-Dartmouth District 18 Returning Office
946 Highway 7,
Westphal, NS
B2W 3V3

Returning Officer
Brenda Brushett


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